Return of packaging, means LESS WASTE from GoNature

We have always tried to care for the environment, live in harmony with nature and be kind to her. We are looking for different solutions to live in a "cleaner", less polluted world. Caring for our planet is also taking care of less rainfall. Therefore, we have introduced a packaging return service for our products.

Send us the packaging after our cosmetics, necessarily with our label, and we will deliver it to a recycling company that will transform it into granules, from which new packaging will be made. You don't have to clean them additionally, we will do it for you.

Returns can be sent to any packaged packaging to the following address: GoNature Sp. z o.o. ul. Batorowska 30, 62-070 Dąbrowa.

For each returned packaging you are entitled to a -2% discount for subsequent purchases in our online store. To receive it, please contact