About the brand

The Birth of GoNature

#DoYouKnowThat…? Each widely available cosmetic contains between 20 to 50 elements.

#DoYouKnowThat…? By using traditional beauty treatment products, you apply to your skin between 300 to 800 different substances, each day.

#DoYouKnowThat…? Any cosmetic applied to your skin, within one minute, is absorbed into your body.

 #DoYouKnowThat…? Traditional cosmetics contain synthetic substances, have short term effects and negatively affect your body.

 #DoYouKnowThat…? Toxins, which are regularly absorbed through your skin, contribute to numerous allergies.

This is why I was born. GoNature. As I was founded through my deep faith in the power of nature! It is a pursuit or rather an absolute quest, to draw what is best from nature, that has created me.

Go, because I am constantly running. Nature, because I am running towards nature.

In my cosmetics, you will find strictly nature. I believe that it possesses everything your body needs. I cater to the body, using only natural and safe ingredients, which nurish, beautify, or even heal the skin. Experts with a lot of passion and experience, create the formulas of my cosmetics. Together, we have been developing an effective composition of ingredients, as to ensure your body receives the proper care it needs.

Believe in the power of nature.