Body butter

Body Butter

GoNature natural body butter contains the best of all skin types. The main ingredient is shea butter, which protects the skin against frost, cold, wind and sun. The cosmetic can be used by the whole family as a face cream, moisturizing hand and foot cream, as well as lipstick. Coconut oil and olive oil rebuild the epidermis, creating a protective layer, soothing irritation and helping with wound healing, acne lesions or atopic dermatitis..

GoNature Natural Body Butter

Body butter is a universal and multi-functional cosmetic. It works in every home for skin care of all ages. It can be used on the body, but also as a hair mask, strengthening the structure of the hair and making it shiny. Body butter prevents frizz and static, giving the effect of smooth, healthy and shiny hair.

GoNature cosmetics philosophy

GoNature body care products, inclnatural body butter, based only on natural ingredients of plant origin. They are 100 vegan, with no additives harmful to health sulfates, parabens and toxins. GoNature cosmetics are not tested on animals, they are based on a simple, known composition of substances rich in vitamins and unprocessed fats that naturally nourish the skin, penetrating deep into the skin, rebuilding its structure and moisturizing it. GoNature cosmetics are designed for healthy, well-nourished skin and for the good of the planet. We try to make our cosmetics as multi-functional as possible, because we know that less is more. We believe that you can reduce the amount of cosmetics you have, focusing on quality rather than quantity. The packaging is biodegradable, and in addition practical and functional, thought out in such a way as to be able to use the product in 100. The cardboard outer packaging of cosmetics can be reused for gifts for any occasion.azję.