• Christmas gift cosmetics - faux pas or bull's eye?

    We often hear that cosmetics for a Christmas gift are not a thoughtful gift. Rather, something like bingeing or "last minute" shopping. But should we really generalize like that? For whom a cosmetic for a gift is a hit?By walking, or rather running around shopping centers in the pre-Christmas per... View Post
  • @WirtualneKosmetetyki are asking ... 😊

    What was the year 2019 for GoNature? What have we created as a brand of natural cosmetics? What do we wish ourselves and others for the new 2020 year?A short survey with our participation right here 😊:,-trend-less-was... View Post
  • Protective cream for frosts, or how to properly take care of your skin on cold days.

    November already! Sad, rainy season ... This time is not very kind to our skin, especially the face. Most people struggle with dry and irritated skin during this period. It requires special care at this time. What cosmetics, then, can be used to alleviate it a little?When the temperature drops to... View Post
  • Autumn skin care - a vitamin bomb for our skin!

    Our skin is exposed to many factors throughout the year. Sun, wind, smog, dry indoor air, air conditioning ... these are just a few of them. As a result, it becomes dry, sensitive, gray and dull. Autumn is the right time to apply an intensive treatment rebuilding our skin, after months where it w... View Post
  • Bio, eco, veg, natural, organic - what is it all about?

    You enter to the market. You can already see the healthy food shelf from afar. On the products visible inscriptions: bio, eco, veg, gluten free. Many of them bear a name or brand close to nature or natural origin. Even the very names of the products refer to this. After all, corn flakes, which ar... View Post