• Top of the Top Love Cosmetics Awards 2020 BY JOLANTA FRASZYŃSKA

    GoNature Multifunctional butter EMOLIO 100% natural and 100% vegan, for the whole family, for lips, hands, face, hair, for dry heels and elbows, after sunbathing. One cosmetic, and so many uses. Ideal in three different packages.

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  • Minimalism, universalism and practicality!

    More fragrances -> let's give the customer a choice! Because with 10 fragrance variants, the customer wants an additional aromatic variant ...More indexes -> so that stores could sensibly divide the range. Two are side by side and are fighting for the client ...More product lines -> beca... View Post
  • Cruelty free and vegan. Is it important in cosmetics?

    Let's start from the beginning ... What does cruelty free mean and how to understand vegan cosmetics? Translating literally the concept of cruelty free we get "cruelty-free" or "cruelty-free". However, this concept has also become synonymous with something that means "is not tested on animals." I... View Post
  • Men's care is also important!

    Men are considered to be people who do not like too much cosmetics ... Usually, they need "soap", anti-respirant, toothpaste and a toothbrush! Very often, they don't need other cosmetics anymore ...So they forget about moisturizing the face skin! If the face is washed, what should I mess with it ... View Post
  • The skin under the eyes can be very demanding!

    Yes it's true!"To make it look beautiful we need to arm ourselves with the right cosmetics.Ideally, they should be as delicate as possible, but also effective. "If you are still interested in the reviews of our Lift eye roll-on, please read 😊: View Post