Healthy skin in the summer ... How to care for it?

Summer is a time of rest, holidays and relaxation for all of us. Our skin especially during this period looks more rested, acquires a nice, fresh color. Summer rays of the sun, however, often dry our body and skin of the face, which is why its proper care is so important at this time. Natural ingredients contained in GoNature products make caring for skin really easy in summer.

It is widely known that vitamins have a positive effect on the skin. The rich formula of GoNature cosmetics from the VITAO series will provide your dry, dehydrated face skin with adequate hydration. Revitalizing serum intensively nourishes, smoothes and firms the skin. It will ensure proper tissue stimulation and regulate sebum secretion. Lifting eye roll-on with vitamins A + E + C will help restore beauty to tired and often swollen eyes. It will take care of the delicate skin of their surroundings. The massage tip will stimulate microcirculation and facilitate application.

Dry skin after sunbathing is also not a problem for us 😊

We like the sun, we draw a positive dose of energy from it. But its bearing does not favor even the youngest, healthiest skin. Therefore, you can not forget about the right cosmetics with a UV filter. This is a very important point. Ultra-moisturizing oil from the EMOLIO series will take care of the right level of hydration after sunbathing. This is one of the first Gonature products.

The highest quality organic ingredients enclosed in a handy packaging are a real treasury of nature. Many ingredients are substances whose beneficial effects on the skin and human health have been noticed thousands of years ago. Valuable oils such as olive oil, which Homer calls liquid gold, leave the skin deeply moisturized and soft. They also provide an effective protective barrier against harmful UV rays. After applying the oil, the skin becomes velvety and visibly smooth.

However, natural cosmetics are not everything!

Remember healthy, radiant skin is not just cosmetics care. A properly balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, drinking plenty of water and exercise is important! It is also worth remembering about regularity. Short-term care of what we eat and what we put on ourselves will not give a spectacular and long-lasting effect.

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