Slower, slower, slower ... or slow life

"Faster", "sooner", "why is it not done yet?", "How much can you wait for it?" We hear such messages several times a day. At work, at home, at the neighbor's, in the shop or even while relaxing outside the city. Or maybe it is worth slowing down, shifting to a lower gear?

"That's the climate we have"

For many people, the 21st century is life at full speed. We live in a trance - work - home, work - home, work - home, and at home we are bombarded with information from professional life through notifications about emails on your smartphone or other information from social networks. And if we already have time to rest, can we cut ourselves off from everything and not think about what else we have to do? Are we then really devoting everything to regenerate or are we catching up with things that we never have time or are still at work with our thoughts? Is it not the case that we focus on improving ourselves, raising our qualifications, buying, forgetting what is here and now and who is the most important. What does this lead to? This fast lifestyle is, unfortunately, the cause of many ailments, such as burnout, weakening of relationships with loved ones, and often their complete breakup, faster aging and ... one could list many other effects that it causes, whether in personal life, health or the environment this approach to life and such life.

Or maybe differently ...

The "slow life" lifestyle was in opposition to fast food / fast fashion. The idea itself was born in Norway in 1999, where the organization The World Institute of Slowness, founded by Geir Berthelsen, was created, which was to oppose global globalization and uniformity. To live "slow" you must be guided by 10 principles in life:


  1. set priorities
  2. find time for yourself
  3. cook slow food
  4. do something alone
  5. cultivate relationships
  6. disconnect yourself
  7. look at it from the side
  8. be careful
  9. appreciate the small successes

Slowlife doesn't mean worse. Appreciating minimalism, mindfulness and focusing on what is important we get a lot more.

"Slow cosmetics"

Slow lifestyle has taken over various spaces. "Slow food", "slow fashion", but also more and more often we meet with "slow cosmetics". Slow style body care is primarily about using natural cosmetics, performing simple, home cosmetic treatments and massages. Taking care of yourself in a slow style means finding an hour at least once a week to take care of your skin: peeling, long bath, intense hydration, etc. In addition, this style is great for making cosmetics yourself.

Supporters of this lifestyle appreciate the quality, but above all the composition of cosmetics. They should contain as many natural extracts as possible, and their scents pamper all the senses. However, the care process should be slow, accurate, using semi-finished products, such as oils.

Each of us can live in accordance with the slow life philosophy. Have more time for friends, for various types of activities and leisure. Your new lifestyle can also contribute to better treatment of the environment and people. You will have a greater willingness to act, daily motivation and greater focus. Over the next few years, you'll notice differences not only in your mental health, but also in your physical health.

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