Autumn skin care - a vitamin bomb for our skin!

Our skin is exposed to many factors throughout the year. Sun, wind, smog, dry indoor air, air conditioning ... these are just a few of them. As a result, it becomes dry, sensitive, gray and dull. Autumn is the right time to apply an intensive treatment rebuilding our skin, after months where it was exposed to intense sunlight. Appropriate skin care will make it radiant and free of signs of aging.

Sensitive skin is particularly difficult to care for. Is this what concerns me?

Sensitive skin is usually very red, tense skin, reacting to external factors, dry and thin. Lack of adequate hydration can make it begin to peel and itch. There is also an unpleasant feeling of tension, usually just after contact with water. It is extremely important to use a preparation that will not only moisturize it, but also soothe irritation and redness. VITAO regenerating serum will play a huge role here. Sea-buckthorn oil contained in the composition of the cosmetic, works mainly because of the content of antioxidant ingredients that fight free radicals and thus support skin regeneration and slow down its aging processes. This oil protects the skin against external factors and prevents it from drying out. It also protects the natural lipid layer of the skin against water loss and excessive drying. Avocado oil is ideal for dry skin problems such as irritation and dryness. In addition to deep hydration, it effectively soothes and evens its color. VITAO regenerating serum additionally thanks to vitamins A + E + C will make your skin glow, intensively nourished and smoothed.

Let's not forget about proper supplementation!

If the condition of your skin is really bad, use appropriate natural cosmetics available in good EKO and BIO stores that will support its regeneration and care. Also, don't forget to drink water and have a healthy lifestyle.

Do not underestimate taking care of your skin. It protects internal organs, prevents dehydration and protects us from viruses. If we care for her properly, she will fulfill her functions completely.

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