We've got it… !!! We have our multifunctional butter!

The long-awaited, pampered first GoNature baby multifunctional butter from the EMOLIO line already in our online store.

We are very happy because we have created for you a product that is different from other cosmetics on the market. Why is it so special?

Multifunctional butter is an innovative cosmetic created for the whole family and its care needs. Has a wide spectrum of activity. It can act as lipstick, face cream, hands or feet, body lotion or hair mask. It's a product for her, for him, for them.

The GoNature brand philosophy under the hashtag # SkładMaSens is based on simple but not trivial product compositions. Shea butter protects the skin against adverse weather conditions, among others against cold, wind and frost, as well as excessive sun. Nourishes and smoothes lips. Coconut oil strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis, relieves inflammation and moisturizes the skin around the nails. Olive oil intensively nourishes the skin and regenerates epithelial tissue. Restores the proper composition of sebum, soothes irritations, protects against free radicals and supports the treatment of wounds, acne and atopic dermatitis. Strengthens and polishes hair. Carnauba wax gives skin and hair elasticity and shine. Vitamin E, on the other hand, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and thus delays the aging process of the skin.

Ecological compositions that we use in cosmetics require an equally good and thoughtful frame. The GoNature brand supports the #ZeroWaste philosophy, which in short assumes producing the least amount of waste. For this reason, our products are placed in biodegradable airless packaging. Handy containers do not take up much shelf space, and their design allows you to use valuable content to the very end. The outer box made of corrugated cardboard in a minimalist style looks impressive and does not require additional use of packaging paper if you want to give a product. The multifunctional butter inside is a very practical and elegant gift for people who appreciate the power of nature. Its positive effect is felt from the first use.

Try and you will fall in love with our cosmetics 😊

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