Protective cream for frosts, or how to properly take care of your skin on cold days.

November already! Sad, rainy season ... This time is not very kind to our skin, especially the face. Most people struggle with dry and irritated skin during this period. It requires special care at this time. What cosmetics, then, can be used to alleviate it a little?

When the temperature drops to zero, it rains outside, the wind blows, and at home we start the heating period, our skin requires special care. It becomes rough, dry and prone to irritation. This is due to the fact that at that time it produces less components of the water-lipid jacket, which is consumed too quickly in dry air. So, regardless of age, gender and skin type, almost everyone experiences discomfort during this period. It is worth getting a proper protective cream in advance, which moisturizes, oils and protects the face skin in autumn and winter. An excellent and already proven product will therefore be EMOLIO multifunctional butter, which will work in extreme conditions for our skin. Body butter, above all, does not contain water, which is extremely important in the autumn and winter. It contains very valuable vegetable oils and waxes, which every good protective cream should have. Thanks to them, we supplement what the skin needs most during this period, additionally protecting it from excessive evaporation of water. The butter has a wonderful, refreshing fragrance that will remind you of wonderful holiday moments during the cold and cold weather.

Multifunctional butter is a family product, safe for children. So don't forget about your loved ones and take care of their proper hydration of the skin of the whole body, because butter is not only a protective cream for frosts but also a body lotion, hand cream and protective lip balm.

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