GoNature – dzień dobry!

#Do you know that…? Each publicly available cosmetic contains from 20 to 50 ingredients.

#Do you know that…? Using ordinary cosmetics, you provide your skin with 300 to 800 different substances each day.

#Do you know that…? Cosmetics applied to the skin are in your body within one minute.

#Do you know that…? Synthetic substances contained in traditional cosmetics give a short-term effect and negatively affect your body.

 #Do you know that…? Toxins regularly taken through your skin contribute to the development of numerous allergies.


That is why I was born. GoNature. And I arose from a deep faith in the power of nature!

I am a Polish brand of natural and vegan cosmetics that is just entering the cosmetics market. In my portfolio I have multifunctional products with a multidimensional spectrum of activity. What does it mean? I am already running with explanations.

I value simplicity, but also effectiveness. Tell me - Can you believe that there can be only one cosmetic in your bathroom that will perfectly match the PH of women's, children's and men's skin? Cosmetic, which will be both a body lotion, hand and foot cream as well as lipstick or a hair mask?

These are the products of my brand, they have not one but many uses. They are natural, without glycerin, synthetic vitamin E and are not tested on animals. This is what distinguishes them from other cosmetics available on the market.

My creators have made every effort to ensure that the fully refined composition meets the needs of each skin, guaranteeing effectiveness. You won't find any animal-based ingredients, because they have been replaced with vegetable substitutes. My composition has been enriched with a rich fragrance that positively affects the senses. Delicate texture perfectly harmonizes with the scent of lavender, coffee or vanilla.

Since I believe in the power of nature, I also care about it myself. My creators took care of it by developing packaging. Airlessies and jars are made of biodegradable material, and their form guarantees full use of content, which supports the #ZeroWaste philosophy. Even the outer packaging itself was created from the most ecological material, from corrugated texture, which is recycled.

As a cosmetic I appear in three series: Emolio, Vitao and Stylo. The first is for the whole family, the second for women and the last for men. Each of the series will be successively enriched with new products.

Believe in the power of nature with the GoNature brand!

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