Cruelty free and vegan. Is it important in cosmetics?

Let's start from the beginning ... What does cruelty free mean and how to understand vegan cosmetics? Translating literally the concept of cruelty free we get "cruelty-free" or "cruelty-free". However, this concept has also become synonymous with something that means "is not tested on animals." If you've come across this article, you probably love animals and don't want them to be hurt. Truth? Although testing of cosmetics on animals has long been banned in Europe, there are still countries where this is not a restriction. In China, this is not a requirement, so you can easily sell animal-tested products there. Fortunately, China is slowly moving away from testing.

But wait - why are we still writing about vegan cosmetics here? Isn't that the same? Well, no - vegan cosmetics means that these products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. What products do they appear most often in cosmetics? It can be milk, it can be beeswax. All these products, however, most often have their counterparts in plant products. Beeswax can be successfully replaced, for example with carnauba wax.

We love animals and we don't want them to be hurt. Therefore, we do not attempt to sell our products where animal testing is required. In addition, we do not use animal products in the composition. What's more - we verify whether the raw materials imported by us or bought were not tested on animals. But why? And because we have a choice. We can opt out of a supplier that hurts, inflicts pain and unnecessary suffering on animals, since there are plenty of other (often smaller suppliers) around who do not. For us, the choice is simple! A choice without the unnecessary suffering of laboratory and farm animals!

You ask - why else? At GoNature, we believe that with a lack of animal and animal products in cosmetics, we reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas production. We also believe that every single customer choice matters. We pay attention to our environment, because everyone affects them with small actions ...

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